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Fortnite joins Xbox Cloud Gaming, giving iPhone users another way to play

Fortnite has today joined Xbox Cloud Gaming, making it the first free-to-play game to do so.

This means the ever-popular Epic battle royale will be available to stream via the service on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, plus PCs – all via web browser.

As with any Xbox Cloud Gaming title, you’ll need an Xbox account to log-in – but you won’t need membership to any subscription, such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Starting today, Fortnite will be available to stream via from your PC or phone web browser. It’s a handy option for those with lower-spec PCs, or who can’t get the game officially on mobile phones.

Fortnite was, of course, famously kicked from Apple’s iPhone and iPad App Stores after Epic Games implemented its own in-game payment system – circumventing the 33 percent cut Apple normally takes from purchases on its platform. There’s no sign it will return via the App Store any time soon.

Earlier this year, Fortnite returned to iPhone via another in-browser streaming method: Nvidia GeForce Now.

“This is just the beginning for us – we’re going to learn, implement feedback, and in time look to bring even more free-to-play titles to players through the cloud,” Xbox Cloud Gaming boss Catherine Gluckstein wrote today. What’s next?

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Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 Seeks to Resurrect a Long-Lost Sports Sub-Genre

Back in the early 2000s, surfing was one of several sports being well-served in the video game space. Treyarch’s Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, published on Xbox, PS2, and GameCube under Activision’s long-defunct Activision O2 brand, is one high-profile example – but there were plenty of others. Krome produced Championship Surfer for PC, PlayStation, and Dreamcast in 2000, and also Sunny Garcia Surfing for PS2 in 2001. Angel Studios (which later became Rockstar San Diego) released Transworld Surf on Xbox, PS2, and GameCube between 2001 and 2003. The surf-obsessed may even remember Surfing H3O, although you might be better off forgetting that one.

And then, the tsunami of surfing games stopped. Waxheads were waiting for more, but the surfing sub-genre was sunk.

“Perhaps I need my head read,” jokes Bungarra Software CEO Andrew West when asked why he thinks it’s been effectively two decades since a sport-focused surfing game surfaced. Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Bungarra is the developer of Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 – an ambitious new surfing game bearing the name of 1988 ASP World Tour Champion and Australian Sporting Hall of Famer Barton Lynch, available now on Steam Early Access.

“We started back then and we were working on a version of surfing for a publisher, so we actually lived through all of that time,” says West. “It’s an interesting question. Back then it was a Tony Hawk and SSX-inspired gold rush of sorts.”

West attributes the wipeout to low sales and a perceived lack of depth in the genre.

Perhaps the thinking among other publishers is that if games like Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, Sunny’s game, or Transworld don’t get sequels, then why bother?

“For a large, publicly-listed entity like Activision, the sales for games like Kelly Slater or Mat Hoffman were probably never going to see sequels because, for Activision, I guess the numbers for them didn’t stack up,” he says. “So perhaps the thinking among other publishers is that if games like KSPS, Sunny’s game, or Transworld don’t get sequels, then why bother?”

West concedes those are fair questions to ask, but also points out Bungarra doesn’t need to make “an Activision-like amount of money” to service its audience and survive.

“But to do that we have had to address that nagging question of gameplay depth and frankly, it’s taken us two decades to figure it out,” he says. “The other thing that has changed over the course is the whole digital and streaming thing – I can’t even begin to tell you how liberating that is compared to when we started. But as you point out it’s been 20 years between drinks, so we really hope that people will get behind us and support the game because, if I am brutally honest, the simple fact is that it just may not happen again anytime soon.”

Surf conditions and weather can be totally customised before entering the water.

Surf conditions and weather can be totally customised before entering the water.

With its expansive world tour mode, commentary, weather options, and a full character creator, Bungarra describes Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 as a “truly sport-focused surfing game.” West confirms the team are surfers themselves who are truly passionate about the sport and the culture. Pressed on the best surfing movie, West himself can’t narrow it to a single answer.

“South to Sian, Rubber Soul, Billabong Surf into Summer ’87, Asian Paradise, and I love the Sessions series on Red Bull TV, in particular the Andrew Mooney East Canada road trip,” says West. “For anyone who’s lived out of a car – or a cave – hunting for waves, that seven-minute short movie just makes you feel so good and is sure to bring a smile to your dial.”

Of course, surfing credentials are just one part of the equation, but as an eight-person studio (four full-time, four part-time) West is philosophical about the question of balancing expectation with the realities of what’s possible for a small team making an ambitious, contemporary sports game of this type.

“That’s a really tough one,” says West. “We understand that people work hard and they expect their entertainment to be at a high quality, especially if they’re going to give you their time.”

We are not a large AAA studio with a massive budget. Once our audience realises that then generally the expectations are reset because most people are reasonable.

“I mean if you’ve had a tough day, the very last thing you want to come home to, is a lousy piece of entertainment right? No one wants that, so we are upfront with people and hopefully they understand that we are not a large AAA studio with a massive budget. Once our audience realises that then generally the expectations are reset because most people are reasonable.

“At the same time the game has still got to be good, and you can’t hide behind the indie excuse either. So our aim is to create an offer that is solid visually, offers something new, has depth, and is largely bug-free at launch. The goal is to focus on the core experience – get the basics right, and then when the time comes downstream we can then try and build upon that and then add those nice-looking extras. For us, right now it would be pure folly to even try and compete with the likes of Electronic Arts on those beautiful cut-scene movies that you see in their sport games.”

100% pure adrenaline.

100% pure adrenaline.

Interestingly, Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 isn’t Bungarra’s first surfing game; the studio previously had a little-known game called The Surfer launch on PS3 in 2017. No, not PS4, PS3 – a curious four years after the PS4 had arrived. West explains development of The Surfer was incredibly tough, but it taught them several valuable lessons.

“The Surfer was a mission and you wouldn’t be alone in not being familiar with it,” says West. “It was a super-tough project because we funded that ourselves, worked part-time jobs for years, and there were only three of us working for three days a week.”

“We literally crawled over broken glass to get that game to market and by the time we did the PS3 was already long gone. I think the development issues with the PS3 are well documented, and by the time we were finished we had no time or energy to look at any other platform. It was exhausting. I could be wrong but I think we were quite possibly the last game to release on the PS3 – or close to it. But perhaps that’s a story for another day.

I think [The Surfer was] quite possibly the last game to release on the PS3 – or close to it. But perhaps that’s a story for another day.

“What we learned was how to develop a gameplay and scoring loop for surfing that actually made sense, and also just what it takes to get a console game to market – which is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and nothing else comes close. So The Surfer informed us in many ways about surfing game design and the sort of production values people expect and deserve.

“It allowed us to understand what the design requirements are in regards to forming the basis for a larger project such as this one. It also allowed Bungarra to get this project off the ground, because as at least people could see that we actually had a game out on console. We came out on the PC via Desura originally, and then later on the Sony PS3. We are still learning and we certainly don’t know it all, but we owe everything to The Surfer and I’ll be eternally grateful to my colleagues Matthew Strickland and Jack Nelson for the work we did on that project.”

Little hand says it's time to rock and roll.

Little hand says it’s time to rock and roll.

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 brings with it a large list of licensed gear and equipment (including Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, MR Surfboards, Lost, Pyzel, ONeil, Creatures Of Leisure, Futures Fins, and more), and West notes there was enthusiasm amongst them for a new sports-focused surfing game, “but it was understandably tempered.”

“I mean, when you’re a no name and you’re asking for access to an established brands product – whether it’s a multimillion dollar brand or a smaller brand with street cred – that’s always going to be a tough ask,” West admits. “But, this time around we were fortunate enough to have Barton and his business partner open those doors for us. Once they were opened then people could see and understand where we were taking this.”

“As you say, people appreciate authenticity in sports games and it was important for our audience – our people, to have the brands in the game in order to reflect some semblance of reality. Plus, we wanted to mainly focus on the sport simulation side and largely avoid that objective-centered arcade approach of the past. Surfing’s an established rules-based sport and it’s rather combative, so when we pitched that idea I think the brands understood what we are striving to achieve. We hope that this is step one in a much longer process.”

We hope that this is step one in a much longer process.

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022’s career mode takes players all around the globe to some of the world’s most recognisable surf spots, and West explains a great deal of thought has gone into the locations themselves and the cadence of the tour Bungarra has created.

“We had to think long and hard about this because we wanted to create a tour that would be rooted in some form of reality and we took into account a range of logistics,” says West. “So the way we’ve structured this is that we have based the tour on the time of the year, when each location would have their most optimal conditions – as you would in reality – and then we also looked at the actual gameplay requirements for new players. So a lot of thought and planning went into this.”

“We reviewed Europe first because January is the northern hemisphere’s winter/spring and because of that it made sense to start there. For this you’ve got to take into account swell directions, tides, and winds that work at certain times of the year at the varying locations. We also looked at other factors such as locations that are iconic and look amazing, such as Mundaka in Spain. Mundaka can be a fickle wave, but it’s absolutely all-time when it’s on and, from a game design perspective, it is perfect to introduce early because it’s a left-hand barrel, plus the wave is long. So this means that new players have the ability to come to grips with the game mechanic relatively easily because of the length of the wave and it runs in one direction.

“Aileen’s in Ireland was next, again because it’s an intense underground big wave in Ireland and the playing field is massive. Aileen’s is a magnificent looking location but it’s also a long right; again, perfect for players coming to grips with the control and scoring schematic. From there we followed the weather and design factors again and so Snapper, Margaret’s, Jeffrey’s Bay, Hossegor, and all the others came to pass. We actually outsourced the location modeling initially, but after some time we discovered some really amazing high-end tools that allowed us to model the locations accurately internally and we were then able to finish that work off ourselves, to really get the look we were after.”

Bungarra claims plenty of work has been done to create a satisfying scoring system.

Bungarra claims plenty of work has been done to create a satisfying scoring system.

Bungarra has observed the recent revival of skateboarding sub-genre over the last few years, but West stresses the audience for Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 is a little different from sports games like skateboarding, or even snowboarding.

“Our core audience is the surfer,” says West. “We’ve looked at the skate and snowboard games out there as a matter of course, with a view to looking at design ideas and visual techniques mainly. So we do study them. For both of those sports, a casual gamer can simply pick up a controller, move their avatar forward and then start skating or snowboarding immediately.”

“Over the past fifteen years, since Skate, the innovations for those games have largely centered around the controller and the scoring schematic and in general, those games have become harder to play. The question of taste is a trickier one to answer because as you know, surfing has a lot more natural barriers to entry than skateboarding and snowboarding, so by extension we are naturally harder to play. Surfing has a lot more going on – you’ve got to paddle to get to the wave, then understand which way the wave is breaking and then if you’re new to the sport, somehow catch the wave and move forward.”

Surfing has a lot more natural barriers to entry than skateboarding and snowboarding.

West goes on to explain how Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 is different from older surfing games; he admits that they’ve previously been pushed to remove parts of the surfing experience, like paddling and duck-diving, to make the game easier and “speed up the loop.”

“However in this game, we’ve done the very opposite and created a gameplay mechanic out of the whole experience – paddling, duck-diving, surfing – everything,” he says. “So for non-surfers or casual gamers, if there is a general taste for games that offer more of an authentic challenge, then hopefully, yes, they will come along for the ride.”

According to West the ocean system for Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 features waves that actually traverse across the levels themselves, which is also a new approach.

“You might have noticed that with almost all surfing games, the wave is effectively static?” West asks. “By this I mean, that you never actually get any closer to the shoreline? But in this game you do. It’s full on.”

“To be clear though, BL Pro Surfing is somewhere between a simulation and an arcade experience so it is definitely pick up and play, but hard to master. I guess because of our past experiences, we felt that for a long time that we needed to appeal to everyone rather than our core constituent – the surfer.

“Time is a great leveler though, because we’ve learned that we just can’t – and should not – try and appeal to everyone. We are niche and we happily accept that.”

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 is available now on Steam Early Access, and is dropping in on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 at later dates.

Luke is Games Editor at IGN’s Sydney office. You can chat to him on Twitter @MrLukeReilly.

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Morrowind modder whose kids hate mudcrabs added the family cat to protect them

“I made this for my kids when they were little”, modder NoUsernamesNotTaken writes in the description. “They liked to play but were terrified of mudcrabs so I made them a companion protector based off the family cat.”

Stripes the Cat adds a cat to Morrowind who can zip around and cast shocking touch, a spell choice based on the real cat’s ability to collect static electricity “because he is a little furball”. 

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The best fantasy and sci-fi books of 2022

We’ve run through our favorite games, movies, and TV shows of the year to date, and now it’s time to talk about our favorite science fiction and fantasy books of the year. With new titles from beloved authors, impressive debuts, and short-story collections, we have a range of new fantasy and sci-fi for you to dive into this year.

We’ll continue to update this article as we catch up on our to-read lists and as new titles are released, so stay tuned! The list is in reverse chronological order of release, so the most recently released books will be at the top.

And while you’re here, be sure to check out our list of 14 great new romance books you should read.

Cover for Eyes of the Void, which features a planet and multiple space ships.

Image: Pan McMillan

The Architects, an alien species of moon-sized planet destroyers, are back, and the one thing that used to ward them off is no longer effective. So, how does humanity respond? With infighting, power grabs, and petty squabbles. At the center of all this is Idris Tellemier, the only person to ever communicate with an Architect, who spends the majority of Eyes of the Void being bargained over, used, and kidnapped for political gain and protection. But while Idris is the one burdened with saving the world, his friends on the Vulture God are tasked with saving Idris. Eyes of the Void finds Solace, Kris, Kit, and Ollie (who rightfully gets her own POV chapters this time around) navigating the tense political atmosphere and facing down enemies ranging from the Architects to cultists to their own people in order to protect their unusual family.

Adrian Tchaikovsky has built a dizzyingly complicated narrative, and his inventive world-building gets a chance to shine in Eyes of the Void, as the Vulture God crew becomes further entangled with new characters, species, and cultures — most of whom the crew finds various ways to piss off. And though the book raises more questions than answers, the compounding mysteries raise the stakes to heart-pounding heights as Idris’ quest to learn how to stop the Architects unravels startling truths about the very makeup of the universe. —Sadie Gennis

The cover for John Gwynne’s The Hunger of the Gods, which features a very angry wolf.

Image: Orbit Books

In its second outing, The Bloodsworn Saga remains a merciless and brutal series filled with graphic action, impeccable world-building, and an ever-growing ensemble of characters who straddle the lines of morality. Only now, it’s no longer just about mortals fighting for power, revenge, or family. Gods have returned to Vigrið, throwing the balance of society into chaos. As many scramble to find footholds of power in the shifting world order, our original protagonists — Okra, Elvar, and Varg — continue resolutely down their paths to rescue and avenge those taken from them, even if that means fighting (or enslaving) a god. While characters’ storylines were largely separate in the first novel, here they weave in and out of each other’s lives as fate and (mis)fortune reveal how intricately their paths intertwined. Tightly paced and with invigorating action throughout, The Hunger of the Gods is the epic payoff to the foundation Gwynne meticulously laid down in The Shadow of the Gods and a thrilling setup for the series conclusion. —SG

The cover for Sea of Tranquility showing a moon behind the horizon

Image: Penguin Random House

Emily St. John Mandel has demonstrated her talent for penning interlacing stories, with both Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel introducing their casts in piecemeal fashion, slowly revealing how each of these characters know each other. Sea of Tranquility is even more sprawling, stretching from the 1910s and into the further future, a time when people live in moon colonies. The book also creates an official Mandel multiverse, if that’s your thing, with characters from The Glass Hotel serving as some of the novel’s primary focuses.

My favorite part of Sea of Tranquility is its wholesale embrace of one of my favorite science fiction tropes. It’s a time travel story with a number of well-plotted turns, all in Mandel’s fluid, introspective writing style. It’s a great read for anyone who loves The Matrix movies or enjoyed Disney’s Loki (but maybe wished it stuck the landing a bit better). —Nicole Clark

The cover of This Rebel Heart, with a young woman overlaidd on a burning city.

Image: Penguin Random House

Budapest is where Csilla’s family has lived for hundreds of years. It’s also where they died. In 1956, seven years after her parents were executed by the Soviet police, Jewish newspaper typist Csilla and her aunt are preparing to flee to Israel. But after chance encounters with a student revolutionary and an angel of death, Csilla begins questioning what means more to her: fighting to survive or fighting for a better life.

With its richly drawn characters and gutting depictions of post-Holocaust trauma and antisemitism, This Rebel Heart is a grounded, often heartbreaking account of Jewish life under Russian occupation. As Csilla finds herself on the forefront of the Hungarian revolution, she navigates the dueling realities that have shaped her — remembering and forgetting, survival and freedom, and loving a city that has never loved her back. Elegantly blending history with magical realism and Jewish folklore, Katherine Locke has created a profound tribute to those willing to risk everything for hope. —SG

The cover of The Way Spring Arrives And Other Stories, a collection of Chinese science fiction and fantasy in translation from a visionary team of female and nonbinary creators, edited and collected by Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang. The cover features flowers.

Image: Tor Publishing

Chinese science fiction has become increasingly popular in the United States, as Ken Liu (an accomplished author in his own right) translated Liu Cixin’s groundbreaking Three-Body Problem into English. Since then, Chinese speculative fiction has gained popularity, making way for other literary talent.

The Way Spring Arrives is a collection of 17 Chinese science fiction and fantasy stories — and all of them have been written, translated, and edited entirely by women and nonbinary writers. Curated by Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang, the excellent collection spans topics and tropes. —NC

The cover for Goliath showing big block text in front of a few profile images of a Black woman

Image: Tor/Macmillan

Goliath by Tochi Onyebuchi

In the near future, a mass white flight to space colonies has left the largely poor, BIPOC population to eke out an existence on Earth, which has become uninhabitable after ecological and human-made disasters. But though the powerful and privileged abandoned the planet, the system they profit off of remains intact. Now, years later, the space colonists have begun to return — some to gentrify the neighborhoods their ancestors deserted and others as trauma tourists seeking to gawk at those who’d been left behind. A non-linear series of vignettes, Goliath switches between several characters’ perspectives, but the main focus is on a group of stackers, a Black and brown crew of workers who scrape by salvaging bricks from demolished buildings to send to the colonies. With no hope of circumstances improving, they’ve long ago come to accept that grief will be the primary constant in their inevitably short lives — if the cancerous air doesn’t kill them, the automated drone police will. But while so much of their lives are defined by pain, the stackers keep moving forward, searching for meaning and fleeting moments of joy in a world designed to destroy them.

Impressive in its scale, ambition, and range of voice, Goliath is a shattering work that is so much more than the sum of its parts. In addition to the stackers, Tochi Onyebuchi weaves in tales of a gay white couple leaving the colonies to play pioneer on Earth, a journalist hoping to tell the stackers’ story (but really, hoping to assuage her white guilt), an incarcerated Yale grad who becomes a negotiator in a prison protest, and a Black marshal dragging a slaver across the West to retrieve the body of a murdered boy. Goliath is simultaneously sprawling and intimate, exploring racism, classism, gentrification, the prison system, and the climate crisis through brief moments in these largely disconnected lives. But taken together, these small moments add up to a powerful look at America’s broken system and the harrowing trajectory we find ourselves on. —SG

The cover for Akata Woman showing the semi-profile of a woman with an afro, illustrated in grayscale

Image: Penguin Random House

If the first two installments in The Nsibidi Scripts series were about Sunny discovering and exploring her identity, Akata Woman is about her defining it. The inventive, adventurous novel follows Sunny during a period of great growth as she and Chichi are forced to uphold their bargain with the giant spider Udide to return her stolen ghazal. With Orlu and Sasha tagging along, the coven’s treacherous journey to retrieve the ancient scroll leads them to discover breathtaking new worlds and the increasing limits of their juju abilities. But as Sunny strains to keep up with her rapidly evolving powers, she must also face the growing fracture in her relationship with her spirit face, Anyanwu.

Being doubled and being a free agent both carry heavy burdens in Leopard culture, but throughout Akata Woman, Sunny discovers a strength and comfort in who she is and what she can do. It’s yet another beautiful leg in Sunny’s coming-of-age journey, made all the more impactful by Nnedi Okorafor’s rhythmic prose. –SG

The cover for How High We Go in the Dark which shows clouds as a backdrop

Image: HarperCollins

Sequoia Nagamatsu’s How High We Go in the Dark is easily one of the best books I’ve read this year so far — and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s my absolute favorite by the end of the year. Tender and dystopian, the pandemic novel is told in a series of vignettes, each exposing a different pocket of future society — and eventually connecting through characters and circumstances.

Nagamatsu sharply paints a picture of society inevitably building industry out of grief, as people fight for basic human dignity and struggle to hold onto memories of loved ones. It’s an ambitious critique of late-stage capitalism, wrapped up in a series of family dramas that sound wild out of context: a robo-dog toy that contains recordings of a deceased mother’s lullabies, a euthanasia state park for children whose parents want them to have happy final memories, and tech-bro-created funereal currencies are just a few of the scenarios. —NC

The cover of Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lyn Tann, with a blue background, flowers, a figure in a dress, and the moon.

Image: Harper Voyager

This heartfelt, lyrical fantasy follows Xingyin, a young immortal raised in secret by her mother Chang’e, the moon goddess exiled to a life of solitude by the cruel Celestial Emperor. But when Xingyin’s existence is discovered, she must flee the only home she’s ever known and carve a new path for herself while hiding the truth of who she is.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess sweeps through the years of Xinglin’s journey with efficient, effortless speed, chronicling her evolution from a sheltered child to the Celestial prince’s unlikely but dearest companion and a decorated archer serving the very emperor she despises. All the while, Xingyin must juggle the desires and duties she develops in her new life with her long-held determination to free her mother from under the emperor’s thumb. A story about how far we go for love and the painful choices we must make along the way, Daughter of the Moon Goddess weaves together Chinese mythology, court intrigue, romance, action, and betrayal into one of the year’s most exciting debuts. –SG

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Speeds Past Original Movie At The Global Box Office

Sonic 2
Image: Paramount Pictures, SEGA

Sega Corporation has today announced Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has now surpassed global box office sales of $331.64 million – speeding past the $319.71 million sales record set by the original film in 2020.

It follows on from the movie experiencing the biggest opening for a video game movie ever – grossing $72.1 million in the US within the first three days. The original banked $58.01 million in the same time frame. The film’s US box office gross has reached $162.74 million, surpassing the previous film’s $148.97 million.

Outside of this location, Sonic’s second movie has debuted across 47 different markets in the top spot. It’s not done yet, either – with a Japan release of the movie due out this August. Have you been to the cinema to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2 yet? Leave a comment down below.

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Warframe’s Yearly Celebration TennoCon Returns In July

TennoCon, the annual convention and celebration for all things Warframe, is unsurprisingly happening again this year. Digital Extremes, the developer behind the action MMO, will be holding the show on July 16.

On its website, Digital Extremes announced the show’s timing and that it will once again take place virtually, promising an “all-day event packed with exciting reveals from the team at Digital Extremes.” Despite having to watch the festivities from home, fans of Warframes can still participate in the big day by submitting to the Community Art Showcase. “Sculptures, drawings, digital art, Captura pieces, cosplay and more — we want to see it all,” says the submission form for the showcase. Clans can also show off their group’s home base with the Dojo Showcase.

Digital Extremes will also be donating to a Canadian charity that has yet to be determined. The company says it will announce the chosen charity at a later date.

At last year’s TennoCon, a big cinematic solo quest called The New War was revealed, which was later released in December of 2021. Digital Extremes also announced the development of crossplay and cross-save systems was in the works, though these features have yet to hit the Warframe client as of the time of this story. 

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How to get The Title in Destiny 2, The Title god roll recommendation

Destiny 2’s The Title is an event-specific weapon available for a limited time.

Introduced in Guardian Games 2022, The Title SMG is a possible drop and guaranteed quest reward.

If you’re on the lookout for a new SMG in Destiny 2, with the right roll, The Title is well worth competing for.

On this page:

The Title farm: How to get The Title in Destiny 2

The Title is available exclusively during Guardian Games, debuting in 2022.

The limited time event offers a great chance to obtain this weapon fairly easily, although it will require some more of your time to get the god roll.

You can obtain one guaranteed by completing the Best in Class quest, which is given to you at the start of the event from Eva Levante in the Tower, and should take you less than an hour to complete.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - The Title reward

To get further rolls of The Title, you must hand in medallions at the Guardian Games podium, where you will have a chance it will drop as a reward.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - Podium

At launch, an assumed bug was stopping this from happening – but on the second day of the event onwards, The Title is part of the loot pool for any medallions that are deposited:

Finally, know The Title is not able to be crafted. This is likely because it’s an event-specific weapon – and so developer Bungie wants to encourage players to participate in the event.

How to farm The Title in Destiny 2

The higher the medallion quality (such as Gold or Platinum) the higher chance you will have for The Title to drop.

In short, the best way to farm the Title is to earn higher quality medals from Contender Cards (bought using Laurels, which you can get faster by focusing on the Daily Focus playlist) but since it can drop at all levels, then completing any matchmade activities (which will grant a medallion upon completion) is also advised.

Since Platinum medals require you to play raids and Nightfalls – which are longer, more difficult activities – the best balance we can recommend for farming The Title is going for the Crucible Contender Cards – which are cheaper on Laurels and give you a Gold medallion as a reward – and that, combined with the medals you get for activity completions (with the Crucible being the fastest to complete) is the best all round solution.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - Contender Cards Crucible

The Title rolls list

The Title will have the same Origin Trait across all rolls – which is Classy Contender (final blows grant class ability energy). Beyond that, the possible perks are as follows:

Barrel Mag Perk 1 Perk 2
Arrowhead Brake Alloy Magazine Dynamic Sway Reduction Focused Fury
Chambered Compensator Appended Magazine Grave Robber Moving Target
Corkscrew Rifling Armor-Piercing Rounds Hip-Fire Grip One for All
Extended Barrel Extended Mag Perpetual Motion Surrounded
Fluted Barrel Flared Magwell Stats for All Swashbuckler
Full Bore High-Caliber Rounds Steady Hands Turnabout
Hammer-Forged Rifling Light Mag Threat Dectector Vorpal Weapon
Polygonal Rifling Ricochet Rounds

Thanks to destinytrack on Twitter for the above list.

Guardian Games is here! Learn where to find the Daily Focus playlist and get the The Title.

For The Witch Queen, get up to speed with the latest Exotics and our up-to-date levelling guide.

Late last year we saw the Bungie 30th Anniversary, which adds the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, Strange Coins and new Exotics, including the Gjallarhorn and Forerunner.

The Title god roll

Out of the above, our recommended The Title god roll is Stats for All and One for All for PvE.

Both activate when you damage three separate enemies within three seconds, giving you increased weapon handling, stablity, reload and range (Stats for All) and increased damage (One for All) for a short duration.

These are two perks that go hand-in-hand, and are particularly useful due to SMGs being best used to clear groups of enemies.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 - The Title

Two other recommendations that work somewhat similarly are Surrounded and Threat Detector – which grant temporary buffs when enemies are close by (increase damage and increased reload, stability and handling respectively).

This gives you similar buffs without firing, essentially, and though you could argue SMGs need to be used up close, the ‘for All’ perks aren’t much more effort to activate and give you some stronger buffs.

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District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp’s New Game Is a Cyberpunk Battle Royale

The first game from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is Off The Grid, a cyberpunk-style third-person Battle Royale, coming next year.

Gunzilla Games promises a next-generation Battle Royale with a strong focus on narrative progression, with Richard K. Morgan (lead writer of Crysis 2 and author of Altered Carbon) writing the script, and Blomkamp serving as chief visionary officer.

Off The Grid pits 150 players against each other, but PvE (player versus environment) story missions will also take place on the map in real time, with player actions affecting how the story (and therefore other people’s gameplay), unfolds.

Crafting and customisation will also be a key component, with players encouraged to trade items with one another.

“With Off The Grid our ambition is not only to create the Battle Royale 2.0 by adding deep player progression, but to build an evolving world designed to take on a life of its own, changing in unexpected ways each time a player rejoins the game,” said Blomkamp.

“With an innovative approach to the Battle Royale core session flow and a deep narrative experience, we add purpose to each element of the game, allowing players to revisit the OTG world repeatedly where there is always something new to find and explore, and for us to expand upon.”

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More information about Off The Grid’s blend of Battle Royale and narrative will be shared in the coming months, Gunzilla Games said.

The studio was formed in 2020 and joined by Blomkamp last year, who said at the time he’d be working closely with other senior creatives to make sure his ideas could work in a game.

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Here are all the free games you can grab right now

There are lot of free games floating around there right now, from Epic’s weekly freebies to publisher promos on Steam, GOG sale giveaways, and more. But staying on top of them all can be a real chore, and you might be missing out on some good stuff.

So we here at PC Gamer have decided to help, with this running list of every free game that crosses our screens. The goal is to help you find and claim games that usually cost money, so free-to-keep and temporary promotions will be included and noted as such, but free-to-play games and others that are normally free won’t be—for that, be sure to take a look at our categorized breakdown of the best free PC games.

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Overwatch 2 beta update reworks Roadhog, nerfs Soldier: 76, and more

Blizzard’s PvP beta for Overwatch 2 has been live for a little more than a week, but the developer is already making changes to the game, including substantial tweaks for heroes Roadhog, Soldier: 76, and Zenyatta, who can kick better now. On top of bug fixes and balance changes made in response to player feedback, Overwatch 2 is adapting because of broader changes to Overwatch 2 heroes and its new 5v5 team structure.

One of the bigger, likely most welcome tweaks, is to Soldier: 76. According to Blizzard’s patch notes for the Overwatch 2 beta, ol’ Jack Morrison had his Pulse Rifle damage lowered (“we are seeing fewer counters to him with one less tank per team,” Blizzard says) and had his sprint speed reduced (on account of damage heroes already having a passive speed boost), but got a buff to his Ultimate, which can now deal critical damage. Overall, that should be good news for players who currently see Soldier as overpowered.

Roadhog got a whopper of a change to his Ultimate ability: Whole Hog no longer auto-fires his scrap gun, and he can’t be stunned out of his Ult. Here’s Blizzard’s explanation of the new Whole Hog, which previously put Roadhog in a very vulnerable position:

This ability has changed from a ‘Channeled’ ultimate (e.g. Pharah, Reaper, Cassidy), into a ‘Transform’ ultimate (e.g. Soldier: 76, Genji, Winston). This is what that means:

The weapon no longer automatically fires, and you must press Primary Fire to use the ultimate

You can use normal abilities during Whole Hog without canceling the ultimate

Stuns will no longer cancel the ultimate

There are a host of other tweaks to healing rates, movement speeds, and ammo counts, but two other changes stand out. Sojourn’s alt fire for her railgun has a wider projectile, and Zenyatta got a firmware update to his kicking leg. Blizzard gave the Omnic monk a new passive, Snap Kick, which increases his quick melee damage by 50% and “significantly increases” knockback from kicks.

“Zenyatta has trouble fighting at close range, so he was at a disadvantage if an enemy flanked or jumped on top of him,” Blizzard says. “His new passive, Snap Kick, will help him create space and put enemies at his fighting range.”

Blizzard has promised further changes throughout the Overwatch 2 PvP beta, including new heroes and reworks for support heroes. If you haven’t gotten into the PC-only beta yet, this weekend’s Overwatch League games offer another chance to get in via drops.

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