Beautiful pixels meet brutal Vikings in this sidescrolling base-builder

I guess I don’t typically associate 2D sidescrollers with base-building, though when I think about it for a minute games like Terraria and Starbound do come to mind. But if I’m gonna compare Sons of Valhalla to something, it’ll be a game more like Kingdom. It’s a singleplayer action game that’s got tons of vicious Viking combat, base-building, strategy, and even RPG elements.

Before we get to Vikings swinging axes and lobbing flaming pitch at each other with catapults, I have to point out how utterly beautiful this game is. There’s some really tremendous pixel art and finely detailed animation, not to mention a day and night cycle and weather effects ranging from heavy thunderstorms to murky fog. I could just stand in the world and look at it all day if it weren’t filled with enemies thirsty for my blood.

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