Best AMD motherboards in 2022

The best AMD motherboard is the basis of your entire AMD gaming PC, so it’s a pretty important to pick this component carefully. The choices are endless, which make it tougher to narrow down, but so few of these AMD motherboards have everything you need at a manageable cost. We tested a ton of different generations of AMD chipsets on various boards to find the best ones for you, no matter the budget. 

Before you start adding just any AMD motherboard to your cart, make sure you figure out which is the right chipset for you. AMD has stuck with the AM4 socket through numerous CPU generations, so there are many options there. The X570, B550, X470, and B450 chipsets are all viable options and will be until Zen 4 CPUs come along with their fancy new AM5 socket later in 2022. Obviously, you always want to make sure the motherboard is compatible with whatever AMD CPU you plan on installing in your build. 

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