Best microphone for gaming and streaming in 2022

The best microphone for gaming and streaming will make you better than you have any right to be without hiring an audio engineer. So, whether you’re upgrading your Twitch stream or looking to sound a little more professional on your daily work calls, finding yourself a quality mic that’s easy to use is a piece of hardware we all need. 

Don’t know your XLR from your elbow? Don’t worry; we’ve tested out dozens of microphones for streaming and recording and picked out the ones we feel are the best. We know how overwhelming shopping for a microphone online is. To help, we recorded some test audio of the most popular microphones so you can hear the differences and help narrow your choice.

USB microphones are the go-to option for at-home streaming and podcasting. So, that’s going to be the majority of what we recommend. Audiophiles will want to go down the XLR route because of its sound quality and flexibility; however, good XLR mics are often way more expensive than your typical USB mic. XLRs also require an external audio interface to connect to your PC, like the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, which isn’t cheap. 

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