Best NVMe SSD in 2022

The best NVMe SSD makes going back to an old hard drive a nightmare. These things will spoil you when you witness the incredible speeds they can load you games at and move your data around with. They’re fast, reliable, and continue to come in at more and more tolerable prices. Other than a new GPU, which is a little hard to get right now, an NVMe SSD is the next biggest upgrade for your rig.

Even modern consoles are touting some of the best NVMe SSDs—both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 boast speedy NVMe SSDs and you don’t want to get left behind by the consoles now, do you? The technology that makes the most of the Xbox’s storage (DirectStorage) will be finding its way onto our systems soon. What that means, is storage is about to get a lot more important for gaming PCs.

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