Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon guide


The Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon is the first you can access in the game if you chose to take the Stonesword key as a keepsake, and it’s well worth venturing into. You can get a Golden Seed, a great early game talisman, an NPC spirit ash summon in the form of Oleg, as well as a Sacred Seal for casting incantations. If you have a bow with you, there’s even an opportunity to get the powerful Erdtree Greatbow by killing the dungeon’s chariot.

There are plenty of other Hero’s Grave dungeons in Elden Ring, and they are some of the most difficult. This one is great for introducing you to some of the dungeon mechanics you’ll be wrangling with, but also how you can sneakily kill the chariots that try to run you over in order to get secret items, and make the rest of the dungeon easier to navigate.


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