Elden Ring Volcano Manor quest guide

If you’re looking to start the Volcano Manor questline or you just want to know how to get there, this guide has you covered. It’s a place that’s easy to overlook if you don’t know it’s there—it’s not on the main story path and isn’t required to finish the game. Still, you’ll find a number of NPCs at Volcano Manor and skipping the area means you’ll miss out on their NPC quests, too.

Figuring out how to get there isn’t clear cut either. It’s located in Mt Gelmir which is one of the more difficult regions to navigate due to the lay of the land. Luckily, there are a couple of ways of getting there early without the need to walk up to the front door and I’ll go through these below. Here’s how to complete the Elden Ring Volcano Manor questline and how to get there.

How to get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring

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