Final Fantasy 14 chopped a legendary climactic dungeon in half—and it’s even better now

The Praetorium is the one ending everyone who plays Final Fantasy 14 is most likely to see. It’s the climax to the base questline of a linear, story-focussed MMO, the one dungeon that helps players decide whether they continue on through Heavensward and the rest of the expansions—the capstone that hopefully makes them fall fully in love with an incredible game. Now the arrival of Final Fantasy 14’s 6.1 patch has brought with it a thorough rework of this key location, halving the number of party members and removing some once-essential tasks.

To someone like me, a crusty old-timer who’s been with the game long enough to remember the disaster that was FF14 1.0 first-hand, this dungeon means a lot: The Praetorium was a promise that things would be different from now on, that no story would be started without an ending already planned, that I could trust the new team with my time and money. Multiple cutscenes built up the drama and weight of the moment. It was a thrilling conclusion to a game that had burst into fiery success from the ashes of its own earlier public failure. I loved it. 

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