Final Fantasy creator asks Square Enix what’s up with new $11,600 statue

There’s liking Final Fantasy, and then there’s liking Final Fantasy enough to buy a nearly $12,000 Final Fantasy statue. It’s a staggering amount of money for a videogame collectible, but Square Enix apparently believes at least 600 Final Fantasy fans have that kind of cash to burn, based on its newly unveiled statue based on FF6. 

Square did pick one of the most memorable images from across the history of its series for this figurine. It depicts FF6 hero Terra Branford riding atop a hulking Magitek Armor mech, recreated in 3D to closely resemble Yoshitaka Amano’s concept art. It’s the latest entry in Square Enix’s “Masterline” collectibles series, and by far the most expensive: an earlier Final Fantasy 9 statue was less than $1,000, while this Nier Automata statue now looks downright affordable at only $2,850. This one goes for 1,4585,000 yen, or about $11,600. Tax is, fortunately, included.

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