Fortnite now has real Wu-Tang Clan clothing you can buy in-game

Iconic hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan is now featured in Fortnite via a number of items based on their Wu Wear Fashion line.

Available since yesterday (April 23), a number of items based on the Wu Wear fashion line are available in the item shop. Rather than other collaborations where skins of characters or people are available, this is specifically clothes that people can actually buy in the real world, if they want.

There are two outfits to choose from, the Throwback BG Outfit, which comes with a Wu Wear Worldwide Back Bling, and the B.R.I.T.E. Outfit, which comes with the Wu-Tang Represent Back Bling. According to a post from Epic Games, both outfits have a no cap style you can switch to, if you like a breezy head.

Talking about the crossover, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA said “Fortnite has been in my household for years. It’s been a pleasure and joy watching the game evolve, while becoming the go to pastime. This collaboration is a multigenerational ‘drip’ of swag and cool. If what you say is true, Fortnite and Wu-Tang could be Fortangerous…”

As well as outfits, a few other items will be available. Players can pick up a Shimmy Surfer Glider which looks like the Wu-Tang Clan logo, available in yellow or Ruckus Red, and is importantly “nothing to mess with.” There’s also a Wu Wrap for your weapons and vehicles, which has a quite nice black and gold colour palette with various Wu-Tang iconography. And a new emote is available too, the Wu-Tang is Forever emote, which sees the player character putting their hands up in the air in the group’s signature ‘W’ position.

There aren’t just outfits and gliders available, as if players get the Wu Wear Gear Bundle they’ll also get the Neck Protector Pickaxe, and the Triumphant Tagger Pickaxe, alongside all the items. This bundle also comes with a Wu Boom Box Spray and a Wu-Tang Clan banner.

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