Forward: Escape the Fold turns dungeon crawling into solitaire

(Image credit: Indie Asylum)

The Fold is a dungeon made of cards. I have a choice between three of them, which might represent a monster to fight, gold to loot, a potion to drink, and so on. I can see a couple of rows further ahead though, where more monsters and maybe a pool of poison or a shield to boost my armor wait. 

Since I can only choose from the cards that are adjacent to the one I’m currently on, if I pick the middle card from the next row up I’ll leave all three options open, but if I veer left or right that’ll narrow the choices down to two. And if I move to a card beneath a monster, they’ll leave their spot to attack, uncovering whatever’s beneath them.

(Image credit: Indie Asylum)

Forward: Escape the Fold is a string of constant, tiny decisions. Picking up this pile of five gold coins means getting attacked by a toothy purple worm thing, but after that being in a position to reach the merchant chest and buy a new item. Get this shield to add four points of armor and then be hit by a giant squid who does three damage, or drink this healing potion for three hit points and be attacked by a salamander who only does one point of damage. A constant flow of snack-sized choices.

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