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Go adventuring with your favorite Elden Ring NPCs and Bosses with this mod

A pretty slick mod for Elden Ring turns some of the fan-favorite bosses and NPCs into summonable companions, tweaking the range of areas where you can summon a spirit so that they become Skyrim-style followers rather than occasional allies like the default spirit ashes.

So if you’ve ever wanted characters like Melina, Sellen, Millicent, Ranni, or Blaidd the Half-Wolf to hang out with you as you tromp about the lands between, well, now’s your time. Rebalancing and empowering these characters in unique ways, modder Satoshi98 has given them behaviors and powers more appropriate to the general Elden Ring experience rather than how they appear otherwise, and they don’t have the glow of spirit ash summons either.

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