How do you unlock the 5ds duel link?

5D’s! Players can unlock this brand new world by reaching Stage 10 in Duel World (DM) and completing the brand new Character Unlock Mission for Yusei Fudo – the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh!

thus, How do you unlock Yugi DSOD?

He is unlockable in the special event, Raid Duel – Dimensional Disaster: Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth.

notably, Will Duel links get Zexal?

ZEXAL will be coming to its hit PC and mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on September 29th. The ZEXAL world introduces characters from the ZEXAL manga and animated series into the Duel Links universe.

indeed How do you unlock Zexal world in Duel link? To unlock Zexal World, duelists simply have to play two Level 4 monsters in the same duel. This is, of course, a common play for Zexal’s main protagonist Yuma when he Xyz Summons Utopia. Complete this task and Zexal World will be open complete with new dialogue between Yuma and Astral.

also How do you unlock Luna 5Ds?

5Ds anime. She appears in-game after the player claims her Character Unlock Mission reward by winning 100 duels with Leo in 5D’s World. Green Gate Keys are required to Duel Luna at the Gate.

How do you unlock Yugi Dark Side of dimensions? Yami is at level 20, so he’s not that difficult, but Yugi’s deck consists of the Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician cards. If you’re familiar with them, this duel is a piece of cake. Once you win the duel, you’ll open up the Dark Side of Dimensions world.

How old is Yugi in DSOD?

Yugi Mutou (manga)


Height 1.53 m <br />5.02 ft <br />60.236 in <br />153 cm
Weight 42 kg
Gender Male

How do I unlock DSOD Kaiba?

His Character Unlock Missions appear once the player reaches Stage 7 in Duel World (DM); the Character Unlock Mission requires the player to defeat the special opponent Yami Yugi (DSOD Unlock Mission).

Does Duel Links have XYZ?

The addition of Zexal World will bring in a new generation of dueling in Duel Links as it introduces the new Xyz monsters and the Xyz summoning mechanic that accompanies it. To celebrate the addition of Zexal World, Konami will reward players for logging-in to the game with special cards, sleeves and Gems.

Is Arc V in Duel Links?

ARC-V is the sixth overall World to be added to Duel Links, featuring cards and characters introduced in the titular anime and manga version of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Can you unlock kite in Duel Links?

Duel Links players will need to complete the first three in order to unlock Kite Tenjo. The requirements to unlock each challenge are as followed: … 10 Kite Tenjo (can be found in the Gate area) 2nd Challenge – Obtain 120 Number Clues and complete first event.

Can you still unlock shark in Duel Links?

Players will have the opportunity to duel one of Yuma’s famed rivals, acquire the Number 47: Nightmare Shark Xyz card, and get the chance to use the Shark in Duel Links online play. But before Shark can be unlocked, players will need to need to complete a few missions first.

What stage do you have to be to unlock Zexal?

Following Bronk, Tori’s first requirement is to reach Stage 9 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (ZEXAL) World. Similarly with our previous character, her mission requirements will open up. After completing all of them, Tori will be ready for you to use.

How do I unlock Quattro Duel Links?

Quattro is here! is a new event that introduces new cards and a brand new non-playable character. During the event, you can duel against Quattro within the Duel World (ZEXAL), so you need to have unlocked Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL before you can participate in this event.

How old is Leo and Luna?

He and Luna aid Yusei, whom they admire and support, in his Duels. Leo is the older twin of the two and has a lively and blundering personality.


11 (Season 1)

12 (WRGP)

13 (Team 5D’s future)

21 (finale timeskip)
Gender Male
Unnamed parents Luna (younger twin sister)

How do you unlock Luna missions?

Luna: Unlock Missions appear by winning 100 Duels using Leo. Leo: Once you reach Stage 11 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (5D’s) World, Leo Unlock Missions appear.

How do I unlock my 5ds world?

5D’s World is unlocked upon unlocking Yusei Fudo. His unlock mission is to Summon WIND monsters ten times. Doing so also gets you 10 Gems a copy of “Junkuriboh”.

How do you unlock Dark Side of dimensions Kaiba?

This is a video game depiction of Mokuba Kaiba, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions flim. He appears in-game after the player reaches Stage 5 of Duel World (DSOD) and can be unlocked as a playable character starting at Stage 6. Blue keys are required to duel Mokuba at the Gate.

What level does DSOD unlock Yugi?

Yugioh DSOD Characters

Once you reach Stage 6 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (DSOD) World, Mokuba (DSOD) Unlock Missions appear.

How do I unlock DSOD world?

How to unlock Duel World (DSOD)

  1. Reach Stage 7 or above to make the Character Unlock Missions for “???” to appear. Yami Yugi (DSOD Unlock Mission) will also appear in Duel World (DM).
  2. You can complete the Character Unlock Mission by defeating him.
  3. Duel World (DSOD) will be unlocked after receiving the reward.

Is Yugi dead in GX?

Rafael’s parents: Killed in a shipwreck that Dartz was the captain of. In the 4Kids Entertainment version, they survived, but they forgot about Rafael. Yugi Muto: Sacrificed his soul to save Yami Yugi after losing to Rafael.

Who does Yugi Muto marry?

Over the next twelve years, Tea and Yugi got married and had twin children, a boy named Tag and a girl named Anzu. When Tag and Anzu were two, Melody went missing and Mana had herself turned back into a Dark Magician Girl to look for her.

Who is Yugi’s son?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag is the son of Yugi and Tea in Yu-Gi-Oh! X and Kidnapped. He was born four years after Atem left along with his twin sister, Anzu.

How old is Kaiba in dark side of dimensions?

Seto Kaiba (manga)

Birth October 25, 1980







Height 1.86 m <br />6.102 ft <br />73.228 in <br />186 cm
Weight 65 kg

How do I farm DSOD Kaiba?

General Information

  1. Seto Kaiba requires White keys to duel at the gate.
  2. You will see Kaiba’s unlock missions upon reaching Stage 7 or above in Duel World (DM)
  3. Unlocking Kaiba will also unlock Duel World (DSOD)

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