How long is the Legend of Dragoon?



Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 53 48h 48m

+ Extras


57h 47m
Completionists 44 68h 33m
All PlayStyles 164 57h 46m

thus, Where can I play The Legend of Dragoon?

The game is available to purchase for $5.99 USD on the PSN to be played on either the PSP or the PS3, the previous generation of PlayStation handheld and home systems.

notably, Is there a Legend of Dragoon 2?

Originally a sequel was planned, but it was unfortunately canceled for unknown reasons. For several years, fans have been petitioning for a Legend of Dragoon remake. With Sony’s rumored acquisition of Bluepoint Games, a remake could be closer than ever.

indeed Did Legend of Dragoon sell well? The Legend of Dragoon sold over one million copies worldwide, with most of those sales coming from North America. An album of the game’s soundtrack was released in 2000, as well as a novel and manga inspired by the game.

also What is Legend of Dragoon worth?

Legend of Dragoon Playstation

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-08-15 The Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation 1, 2000) Complete PS1
2021-08-15 The Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation 1) CIB – PS1 $46.00
2021-08-14 The Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation 1, 2000) Complete Game in Original Packaging $79.50

Is Legend of Dragoon being remastered? As confirmed by Kasebe, the Legend of Dragoon will finally get its long-awaited remake. It remains to be seen if fans will warm up to the episodic nature of it, and the potential storytelling implications that the “Ghost Whisperers” will have on the on the original work.

Can you play Legend of Dragoon on ps2?

Sony Computer Entertainment released its four-disc The Legend of Dragoon for the PlayStation only months before the release of that console’s successor, the PlayStation2. … It’s hard to sustain a player through this kind of time span, but The Legend of Dragoon takes chances and wins.

Is Rose the black monster in Legend of Dragoon?

The Black Monster is a legendary figure and character-defining villain in the 1999 video game, The Legend of Dragoon. … However, during the climax of disc three, it’s eventually revealed that the Black Monster is none other than Dart’s mentor and fellow Dragoon, Rose.

How do I restore MP in Legend of Dragoon?

The only way to replenish MP in battle is to use MP items, which only non-Dragoons can use on other characters.

How many discs is Legend of Dragoon?

Product Description. A four-disc RPG epic, The Legend of Dragoon is set in a time of swords, magic, and dragons.

Where does the word Dragoon come from?

The term « dragoon » came from the nickname for their weapon, the carbine or short musket, called « the dragon, » which referred to the fire that emits out of the gun when fired, hence the term « dragon » or dragoon soldiers.

Can you beat Lloyd in the Hero competition?

Lloyd has black clothing with swirly white designs and an intricate belt. In battle Lloyd is invincible, all of Dart’s attacks are easily evaded and magical items seem to have no effect.

Is there a Chrono Trigger remake?

Chrono Resurrection, also known as Chrono Trigger: Resurrection, is an unreleased fangame developed by North American team Resurrection Games under Nathan Lazur’s direction. It is based on the critically acclaimed Super NES role-playing game Chrono Trigger by the Japanese company Square.

What does to dragoon mean?

dragooned; dragooning; dragoons. Definition of dragoon (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to subjugate or persecute by harsh use of troops. 2 : to force into submission or compliance especially by violent measures.

What is Dragoon game?

Dragoon is an action strategy Game with an ever-changing landscape. Village and city tiles populate the map each round using a coordinate system. During your turn, choose between claiming villages and cities that pay you tribute, or destroying them out right for instant gold.

What does Demons Gate do Legend of Dragoon?

re: Dragoon demons gate

it sucks up all enemy’s (killing them) and ends the battle. this attack only works on minor enemy’s.

Are dragoons real?

Dragoons originally were a class of mounted infantry, who used horses for mobility, but dismounted to fight on foot. From the early 17th century onward, dragoons were increasingly also employed as conventional cavalry and trained for combat with swords and firearms from horseback.

What is a Dragoon weapon?

Lancer Weapons, and Dragoon Weapons, are various types of polearm, a close/mid-range combat weapon bearing a point or blade on the end of a long shaft. They are used to out-range and fluster opponents, peppering them with a barrage of thrusting attacks.

Is Schala a kid?

Storyedit | edit source. Kid is Schala’s daughter-clone sent into the modern world. Kid was born in 1004 A.D., when Schala, bound to the Time Devourer, feared her mind would become increasingly consumed by hatred and created a clone of herself.

Is Chrono Cross a sequel?

Therefore, Chrono Cross is not a sequel to Chrono Trigger. Had it been, it would have been called Chrono Trigger 2. Our main objective for Chrono Cross was to share a little bit of the Chrono Trigger worldview, while creating a completely different game as a means of providing new entertainment to the player.

What happens to Crono in Chrono Cross?

She most likely died peacefully of old age in prehistory. Crono apparently became the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Guardia, with Marle as his future queen. … Lucca, Marle, and Crono are alluded to in Chrono Cross using the ghost children, but their appearance is shrouded in mystery.


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