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How many treasure maps are there in Phantom Hourglass?

31 Treasure Maps can be found throughout the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. Treasure Maps direct Link to underwater Treasures, which can be retrieved using the Salvage Arm. These Treasures can be 60 second Sands of Hours, Ship Parts, or Rupees.

thus, What do you do with the treasure in Phantom Hourglass?

Phantom Hourglass

Treasures can be sold for Rupees to the Teller of Treasures on Mercay Island or to the Ho Ho Tribe, who will buy one random Treasure for a slightly higher price. The price of each Treasure varies from game to game.

notably, How do you get treasure in Phantom Hourglass?

Defeating all the phantoms on floors B1, B2, B3, B4, and B6 will create treasure chests that all hold random treasure pieces. Link can obtain these treasures, leave the Temple, and then re-enter it. All the treasure chests will be reset so Link can fight off the phantoms again and gain more treasure.

indeed How many dungeons are in Phantom Hourglass? In total there are six main dungeons, and each is as alive with new ideas and « Zelda moments » as the last. You’ve done a certain amount of it before, but it always plays so nicely with the bits you haven’t.

also How do you get the salvage arm in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

The Salvage Arm is an item from Phantom Hourglass. After progressing through the story, it will be added on to the S.S. Linebeck and will give Link the ability to salvage treasure from the bottom of the sea. The Salvage Arm can be purchased from Eddo at his shop on Cannon Island.

How do you get ship parts in Phantom Hourglass? Ship Parts are objects in Phantom Hourglass.

Ship Parts are obtained through various methods:

  1. Purchasing them from Beedle and other Shops.
  2. Finding them in Treasure Chests.
  3. Salvaging them using the Salvage Arm.
  4. Winning them from mini-games.
  5. Trading them in Freedle’s boxes.

How do you get treasure in Spirit Tracks?

Acquiring Treasure

Listed below are several ways Link can acquire a treasure. 1) Purchase treasure from Beedle’s Air Shop or from various village shops. 2) Common treasure can be found under pots or by blowing leaves in some villages. 3) Some of the various mini-games will award treasure for getting high scores.

How do you get the Salvage Arm in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

The Salvage Arm is an item from Phantom Hourglass. After progressing through the story, it will be added on to the S.S. Linebeck and will give Link the ability to salvage treasure from the bottom of the sea. The Salvage Arm can be purchased from Eddo at his shop on Cannon Island.

Where are the golden frogs in Phantom Hourglass?

The Phantom Hourglass Golden Frogs are located throughout the Great Sea. While you can find the Golden Frogs while sailing about, you cannot do anything with them until you have first acquired the Cyclone Slate, which is acquired from Golden Chief Cylos at the Uncharted Island.

How long does it take to beat Phantom Hourglass?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 146
17h 19m
Main + Extras 185 22h 01m
Completionists 46 32h 19m
All PlayStyles 377 21h 27m

Is Spirit Tracks a sequel to Phantom Hourglass?

Spirit Tracks is the direct sequel to Phantom Hourglass in the « Adult Link » Timeline.

What order do you pull the levers in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

As for the proper sequence: assume that the levers are labeled from 1 to 4 starting with the left most lever. Pull them in the following order: 2, 1, 4, 3. A successful endeavor lands you with the next Small Key.

How do you get the Salvage Arm without shouting?

Get the Salvage Arm

Then go southwest to Cannon Island. Go into the building, and go to the back room and talk to Eddo. He will sell you the Salvage Arm, but you have to shout into the microphone to get it. If you don’t want to shout, you can try tapping repeatedly near your DS microphone with the stylus.

How do you get all the golden ship parts in Phantom Hourglass?

The only « guaranteed » way is earning Big Plays in the online battle mode. For every four new Plays you unlock, you get a letter inviting you to that workshop where you get the cannon and Salvage Arm. With a maximum of sixteen plays, you can get four parts.

How do you customize your ship in Phantom Hourglass?

To customize your ship with all the ship parts you’ve obtained head on over to the shipyard, which is right near the dock on Mercay Island. The shipyard worker will swap your ship parts however you’d like. You can view your ship at this point as well.

Where are all the power gems in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

Phantom Hourglass Power Gems

  • Power Gem #1. Location: Isle of Ember. …
  • Power Gem #2. Location: Cannon Island. …
  • Power Gem #3. Location: Isle of Gust. …
  • Power Gem #4. Location: Temple of Wind. …
  • Power Gem #5. Location: Mercay Island. …
  • Power Gem #6. Location: Mercay Island or Mailbag. …
  • Power Gem #7. Location: Mercay Island. …
  • Power Gem #8.

Where can I buy Ruto Crown Spirit Tracks?

Spirit Tracks

They can be found inside Treasure Chests, bought from shops, or won with a Prize Postcard. Ruto Crowns can be sold for 150 Rupees each, or trade them with Linebeck III in exchange for Train Parts.

How do you sell items in Zelda Spirit Tracks?


  1. You can’t sell them until you fix the bridge to the ocean realm then talk to linebeck III and you can trade them for train parts or sell them. User Info: dewidsam. dewidsam – 11 years ago 2 1.
  2. Once you fix the bridge, talk to linbeck and you can sell him your trasure. User Info: pearldiamond123.

How many houses are on Goron Island?

Goron Island

Question Number Question Answer
1 to 3 How many homes are on this island?
1 to 3 The Goron at this spot! (points to a spot north of your ship) What is he staring at? Ship
1 to 3 How many Gorons live on this island? 14
4 Easy one, Stranger, what question number is this? 4

What is the hardest Zelda game?

The Hardest Legend Of Zelda Games To 100% Complete

  • 2 The Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild.
  • 3 The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons/Ages. …
  • 4 The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap. …
  • 5 The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. …
  • 6 The Legend Of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link. …
  • 7 The Legend Of Zelda. …

What is the longest Zelda game?

Additionally, unlike most of the 2D Zelda games, the 3D games tend to take more than 20 hours to complete. In what is surprising to almost no one, Breath of the Wild is currently the longest Legend of Zelda game to complete.

What is the shortest Zelda game?

Ocarina of Time is the shortest 3d Zelda, but Majora’s Mask is comparable.

Is Link Zelda’s brother?

Zelda Does Have A Brother, But He’s Rarely Mentioned

In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link a passing reference is made to Zelda’s brother: The Prince of Hyrule.

Is Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass better?

Some players believe Phantom Hourglass has a better over-world, and some fans believe that Spirit Tracks has better dungeons. Both over-worlds are constrained to the movements of either boat or train, so opinions may come down to freedom of maneuverability and entertainment offered while traveling the set paths.

Is Phantom Hourglass worth playing?

It’s a solid 6 or 7 out of 10. It’s worth playing, but only after you’ve played many of the other Zelda games first.

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