How to get the best The Title SMG rolls


Destiny 2’s Guardian Games has returned for another year and aside from cheering for a long-overdue win for the Warlocks, there’s a sweet SMG you can farm during the event. The Title, a void SMH, has two unique origin traits that drop with all rolls: Hakke Breach Armaments, which damages vehicles, barricades, turrets and Stasis Crystals, and Classy Contender, where final blows with this weapon grant class ability energy. Given how strong class abilities are with the current Void 3.0 kit, you’re definitely going to want to snag a few of these. Before trying to farm The Title, you’ll need to complete a task for Eva to get your hands on it, so let’s get started.

It’s worth noting that, at this time, The Title is not dropping for everyone—oops! In fact, for it seems like for most players only the initial quest reward is working as intended. Bungie is aware and a fix should arrive soon. 

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How to get The Title SMG 


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