If a 900W Nvidia GeForce card appears in the next generation the GPU industry has lost its head

“Everything is possible.” That’s probably the key takeaway from the latest Nvidia GPU leak pointing to a single 900W GPU SKU for its upcoming Ada Lovelace graphics cards. It’s reportedly a full-fat AD102 next-gen chip slapped onto a PCB with twin 16-pin PCIe power connectors and, what is known in the business as, a metric f***ton of memory attached to it.

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If this turns out to be an actual consumer RTX 4090 Ti, or the like, then I think we can quite honestly say the GPU industry has lost its head. I struggle to justify the power my gaming PC chews through in the face of what I’m doing to the planet, and that’s with a card that’s almost a third of the TGP of this potential beast.

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