It appears some of the retro games coming with PlayStation Plus Premium have leaked

Looks like some of the retro games coming to PlayStation Plus Premium have leaked ahead of an official announcement.

Thanks to some rummaging around by Reddit user the_andshrew (thanks, Gematsu), we now know at least a few of the games which will be made available via the higher tier.

The games listed so far are Tekken 2, Ridge Racers 2, Mr. Driller, Worms World Party, and Worms Armageddon.

Since Sony has yet to announce the library of retro titles to be offered with this tier, it’s best to keep expectations to a minimum as things could change between now and the revamped service’s launch in June.

PS Plus Premium will include all the benefits you currently get with PlayStation Plus, as well as a library of 400 PS4 and PS5 games, classic games from PS1, PS2 and PSP, time-limited game trials, and PS3/PS4 game streaming.

The service will run you $17.99/€16.99/£13.49 a month, $49.99/€49.99/£39.99 for three months, or $119.99/€119.99/£99.99 a year.

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