Large Steam Deck update makes it more secure, easy to use, and extends battery life

Valve continues to update the Steam Deck at a steady pace, delivering improvements and patches for the handheld gaming PC, molding it ever more into a fully-fledged console in its own right. And today’s update is more than just a quick patch, too. With a new lock screen feature, extended dock and charging support, new features, and even improved battery life in some instances.

Since there’s so much to cover, let’s get right into the new features worth knowing about.

  • New lock screen – This can be set up to appear on wake, boot, login, or when switching to desktop for added security. It’s a PIN entry, so just don’t forget yours if you set it up.
  • Localised keyboards – There are now 21 further languages and layouts available on the Steam Deck in case regular QWERTY English isn’t your style. Valve says it’s working on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean layouts, too.
  • Multiple window switching – It’s now possible to switch between multiple windows of the same application. For example, tabs of a web browser.
  • Updated achievements page – If you’re the type to chase trophies, the Steam Deck’s page is now faster and easier to navigate.

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