Maxis performed an exorcism on The Sims 4’s cursed main menu

Among the many unearned stereotypes about millennials, the one unanimous truth is that we are horrified by unexpected phone calls. And getting repeated unexpected calls? Well I may just choose to chuck my phone out a window. Maxis has harnessed that primal fear and brought it to life in the guise of The Sims 4’s notorious “Ring Ring Girl”, now an official Sim you can download from the gallery and harbinger of a main menu game update.

The much reviled Ring Ring Girl has been on The Sims 4’s start menu for a while, torturing players with her adoring gaze every time they boot up. She may seem overbearing, obsessive even, but she was honestly just delivering genuine advice that you can check your Sim’s phone to get them a job or call their friends. 

Maxis rolled out a small game update yesterday to overhaul the game’s start menu and with it, unleashed Ring Ring Girl.

(Image credit: Maxis, Electronic Arts)

She’s everywhere. She’s calling you. Why aren’t you answering? Won’t you just look at your Sim’s phone?

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