Megachill tile-placing game with a weird name, Dorfromantik, is out

Delightful casual game Dorfromantik is finally finished, with its 1.0 update dropping this past week. It’s a game that I find deeply joyous, one where you put down little hexagonal tiles with slices of countryside to try and fulfill cute objectives… which give you more tiles… to make a larger sprawl of fields and villages… until you run out of tiles. Then you start over again. It’s all set to a lovely soundtrack that got six new tracks for release.

Others have called it “zen-like” and “chill” and “meditative” and I am going one further to call this game megachill. Megachill is, of course, when a game is so chill you completely lose track of time and play it over and over. So casual that it becomes completely absorbing. Dorfromantik is megachill.

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