MSI is the latest company to bless our wretched Earth with Neon Genesis Evangelion PC components

If you’re a fan of branding deals based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, this has been a good week. MSI has teamed up with Evangelion eProject, a new esports brand that “incorporates an Evangelion feel into gaming devices and PC peripherals,” to launch a line of Eva-branded PC gear. And boy, it is as purple as the day is long. 

The MSI x Evangelion e: Project Collection includes a motherboard, AIO liquid cooler, power supply, and PC case. Each item’s look uses that classic purple and green color palette based on EVA-Unit 1, the giant mech piloted by Shinji Ikari, the protagonist of Hideaki Anno’s confusing anime masterpiece. And as you can see from the teaser trailer above, this is most definitely aimed at folks who have A Cruel Angel’s Thesis as a ring tone. 

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