Nvidia’s next-gen GPU ‘Ada Lovelace is no longer a simple Ampere refresh’ rumours suggest

The latest noises about Nvidia’s upcoming GPU architecture—codenamed either Ada, Lovelace, or Ada Lovelace, depending on who you talk to—is a lot more positive than those ugly 900W card rumours. Where once Lovelace was pegged as little more than a mild Ampere refresh, it is now being suggested that it’s far more than that, and closer to a whole new GPU architecture.

Is this more evidence that AMD’s upcoming RDNA 3 GPUs are worrying Jen-Hsun and co? That’s certainly the intimation from tweaker @kopite7kimi, which seems to be suggesting that while it was once a refresh, it is not anymore. If the “the current AD102 is NOT the original AD102” then something has made Nvidia change tack.

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