Path of Exile For Beginners: All You Need to Know About PoE Currency 

Path of Exile remains one of the most played games in recent years, and despite being in existence since 2013, so many players still have much love for the game. PoE creates exciting challenges for writers by making amazing twists from regular RPG elements. And one of these numerous twists is the non-existence of a money-based trading system with currencies. PoE uses the barter system of exchange for players to trade PoE Orbs. Despite these Orbs serving as valuable items, you can easily collect them as you advance through your journey. Looking from this angle, you will see that PoE currencies serve as the main string of the game’s economic system. 

There are varieties of items that players in Path of Exile can use. All of these items used as currency all serve the purpose of crafting and advancing your characters’ equipment. They are also used for making transactions with NPCs, hence serving as the official currency of the online game. 

In this article, we will be leading you by the hand through everything you need to know about PoE currency, how it works, and how you can make an exchange for valuable items. Stick with us. 

How does PoE currency work?

For new gamers and beginners, using PoE currency can be a difficult task, especially if these newbies have no prior knowledge of the overall functioning of the game. If you fall in this category,this article is especially for you. For other video games, they make use of gold as currency. But PoE is more complex than that. 

The currency system of Path of Exile consists of a variety of scrolls and orbs. These items have a specific purpose in crafting the characters’ equipment in the game and restructuring the character’s skills while fighting enemies. PoE currency items are used as payments in payer trading. 

What are the varieties of PoE currencies? 

In the Path of Exile, players can use up to 31 different currency orbs and baubles in trading. But as a beginner, you might not have enough knowledge about these. But no worries. We are here to guide. This article covers some of the PoE currencies relevant to you and some tips and tricks that you will find useful in your journey. You will also get to understand the value of each of these items. Below is a list of the currencies and a little description of them. 

  • Scroll of Wisdom 

This stands as the currency mostly used by players in PoE. Its major use is for identifying magic and unique items. Scroll of wisdom can be obtained from slain monsters, trading of Portal Scrolls (in which one Portal Scrolls is equivalent to one Scroll of wisdom), selling orbs transmutation (one of this is equivalent to 4 scrolls of wisdom), or making a combination of 5 scroll fragments. You can obtain scroll fragments through the sale of white items to vendors. Scrolls of wisdom are always the most demanded because players need them to secure many rare items from boss enemies. 

  • Blacksmith’s whetstone 

The basic use of blacksmith’s whetstones is for improving the quality and damage rate of weapons like swords, wands, bows, maces, etc. You can also use this currency on endgame items, but most players prefer to boost their DPS by increasing the quality while leveling. Boosting the quality of a weapon increases its damage rates. This currency can be obtained by selling weapons, making a trade with vendors, and a lot more. 

  • Armorer’s Scrap

Just as the name goes, this currency boosts the quality of armor pieces such as boots, shields, chest armor, gloves, etc. Most players use this currency on endgame items, but some choose to use it while leveling, though this can only be a waste sometimes. By adding to the quality of an armor piece, you boost its defensive abilities. 

Moreso, you can also convert armorer’s scrap to blacksmith’s whetstone by trading 3 scraps for 1 whetstone in certain vendors. Armorer’s Scrap can be gotten by selling armor pieces with over 40% quality. 

  • Portal scroll

The main use of portal scrolls is for making portals to surrounding towns. Portal scrolls are usually available in banks. So converting them to Scrolls of Wisdom is possible. You can also sell this currency to other players. It is important to note that there are different versions of the portal like the skill gem that gives you access to open portals countless times without having to use a portal scroll. Portal scrolls can be exchanged for chaos orbs, which amounts to 140-160 portal scrolls for 1 chaos orb. 

  • Orbs of Alteration 

Orbs of Alteration are used randomly for rerolling magic items. The effects of orbs of Alteration on magic items are no different from the effects of orbs of transmutation on white items. Players are the Orb of Alteration when rolling maps mainly because they can be obtained easily. They can also be used in a variety of strongboxes. One Orb of Alteration equals 4 orbs of transmutation on various vendors, so you can get the currency by making barter trade. The currency is also obtained as drops, or by selling rare items at vendors. 

Other means of obtaining PoE currencies

Getting PoE currencies isn’t limited to only the means stated in the above descriptions. There are a few other methods by which you can get orbs and other item currencies. 

  • Delving. 

When delving, you must seek Fractured Walls somewhere in the darkness. This is where you can get fossils which can be traded for about 200 chaos orbs. But this only implies special fossils, which are rare. The random fossils sell way less than that. 

  • By crafting items for sale. 

Look out for the popular mods on available equipment and craft them into items. Or rather, you can craft custom items for other players and earn PoE currency. More so, you can check out public channels on the services that will be profitable to you, through which you can render to earn currencies. 

Wrapping Up 

We know how tasking it can be for beginners to navigate their way around the PoE online game without any knowledge whatsoever about how they can earn PoE currencies, how they work, or how they can sell items to get more currencies. And this article gives you a comprehensive guide that will be of huge advantage to you. 

There are other ways which you can saunter for the currency, but the above listed are the ones mostly used by PoE gamers. The currencies listed above are only a few of the numerous PoE currencies that will be available to you. You don’t need to follow this guide exactly as it is explained here for a disclaimer. You can choose whichever style that works for you and ensure you get the best out of your gaming experience. You can choose to save yourself the stress of crafting and just go ahead in purchasing what you need. Or you can choose to use all your item currencies and orbs to get the best armors set and skills. It all depends on you. 

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