PlayStation Plus May games confirmed as FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods

Sony has announced its free offerings for PlayStation Plus members in May.

As previusly leaked, the games are FIFA 22 (PS4, PS5), Tribes of Midgard (PS4, PS5), and Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4).

The games will be made available on May 3, and the lineup also includes a bonus FIFA 22 FUT pack, exclusive to PlayStation Plus.

You are already familair with FIFA 22, but you may not know much about the other two games to be made available.

Tribes of Midgard is a game that blends survival and ARPG genres into an experience set within Norse mythology. Playable in solo or co-op, as an Einherjar returned to life by Odin, you and your tribe of up to 10 players are tasked with defending the Seed of Yggdrasil from evil forces set on bringing about Ragnarok.

Together, you head out to explore the wilderness of Midgard, and gather resources, materials, and treasures which are essential to forging new weapons, armor, and for fortifying your village. On your travels, you will have to contend with giants and beasts of Norse legend.

In the skill-based, single player roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods, you will explore a cursed temple which is a seemingly endless labyrinth full of bottomless pits, traps, and monsters. Here, even death is not an escape, because upon every death, you will rise to fight again.

You will need to collect Relics and weapons to make it through the place. You will also have to battle through hordes of enemies in dark passages filled with traps such as fire-spewing statues, explosives, hidden spikes, and much worse.

In the meantime, you have May 2 to add April’s PlayStation Plus games to your library. These games are Hood: Outlaws & Legends, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, and Slay the Spire.

And don’t forget: Persona 5 will leave the PS Plus Collection on May 11, so add the game to your game library before then to continue to access it while you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

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