Pokémon Unite may soon add new game mode to capture and control wild monsters

Pokémon Unite may be getting a new game mode, according to dataminers.

Prolific data miner ElChicoEevee has unearthed files that point to playable wild Pokémon, suggesting a new mode may be on the way to capture and control them.

That includes legendary Pokémon like Zapdos, Articuno, and Regigigas.

The files unearthed include skills for the wild Pokémon, as seen in this tweet (spotted by TheGamer).

Another leaker on Twitter, sobbleunitedtm, has been sharing videos of the wild Pokémon in action – including the legendaries.

However, these Pokémon appear to have only two abilities and are unable to learn new ones through levelling. They also don’t have Unite moves, but do have scoring animations.

It all suggests these Pokémon will be playable in some form.

Data mining also reveals the new mode will take place in the quick match map Mer Stadium, though the wild Pokémon available are from other maps too.

It’s unclear whether this new mode may take the place of quick matches, or be a – seemingly more chaotic – alternative.

ElChicoEevee also revealed the next two Pokémon to join the full roster by uncovering key art and in-game models: Delphox and Espeon.

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