QA workers on Dragon Age 4 have applied to form a union


Days after Raven QA got the green light to go forward with their union vote, another QA unit working with a big developer has moved to unionize. This time, external contractors doing QA for Bioware have applied to the Alberta Labor Relations board to form a union. A representative of the group told Game Developer that its members could no longer bear “struggling to make ends meet” working on Bioware’s games, and this sentiment was echoed in a similar report by Kotaku.

A notice regarding the application from the Alberta Labor Relations Board was first shared on Reddit several days ago. The QA unit in question consists of employees from an external company, Keywords Studios, who have been contracting with Bioware. These workers have contributed to QA on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, The Old Republic: Legacy of the Sith, and the upcoming Dragon Age 4, and are being represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.


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