Reviews and Features: Xbox Game Pass by Microsoft


Xbox Game Pass was introduced by Microsoft. Xbox lets you play thousands of games that are award winning. You could watch TV and HD Movie on your Xbox.

Talking about past year, Xbox has been adding so many EA Titles to the service. There are numberless third-party games. Not only that, Microsoft provides you with the ability to stream Xbox Pass titles using your Android devices.

Now in 2022, there are many more updated that has been made into the Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass 2022 is just worth your money and time.


You can have access to all the games on Xbox, and enjoy it. Xbox is unlimited as there is no other subscription except the one. You just need to subscribe from Xbox one consoles.

Xbox Game Pass is in three types:

  • Xbox Game Pass
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass

In this type of Xbox Game Pass, you will have access to the largest library of games that you will be enjoying on your Xbox Console. This gives you access to a whole library of games where you could play all the hottest games there.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

This is especially designed for the people who play games on their windows PC. So, Xbox Game Pass for PC comes with a library of games which you could access on your Xbox Console. This enhances the experience of players as they have a good graphics and much more services.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

This feature is beyond all. This gives access to thousands of games whatever the device you are using. You are about to experience all the games on Xbox Consoles, and a selection of games to be streaming using Cloud to PC, modern devices and Android devices.

You can also have access to all the games on Xbox on your windows PCs. Additionally, Xbox Pass Game Ultimate provides you with Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Gold is required to do multiplayer gaming.

Access to Microsoft’s Games

This feature makes it preferable for the players because each tier ensures you that there will be access to the Microsoft’s games, and these games have been expanded by a huge number in the recent years, and this credit goes to Microsoft Studio.

You will be using Microsoft’s internal studio title on Xbox Game Pass like, Forza, Halo and much more. You will also have Bethesda Games as The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout etc.

Once you subscribe to Microsoft’s Xbox Services, you are about to have all the access on the spot. All the games are available in Xbox Game Pass games list. You can find all the games in just one click. You just go to your games library under Xbox Game Pass Section.

Ways to Access Xbox

On your windows PC, you will be using an Xbox Game Pass app through which you could go to games library and play it.  To play in the cloud, you can use either the Xbox App on PC or you could use app on Android device. You can use the Game Pass Website for Chromebooks and iOS.


The subscription charges for the Xbox Game Pass for PC is $9.99 and this price is $14.99 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You could use your account on multiple devices. This saves your money from buying Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass, and Game Pass.

Additionally, Microsoft provides you with the features of converting your Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This feature also makes it preferable when it comes to players to choose console for a better and wider gaming experience.

Way to Make a Purchase for Xbox Game Pass

You could just elevate your gaming level to the next level after buying. To make a purchase for Xbox Game Pass, you just need to go to GAMIVO website, and buy Xbox Game Pass.


We have discussed in a detail way found it much better and exciting for the players. Players play it from all over the world. Moreover, there is no extra fee nor do you need to pay for any other service in gaming library of Xbox Game Pass.

You could just have access to all the games and services just after your subscription. There is no delay when you buy subscription, just make a subscription and you have all games.

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