Sentry is an upcoming wave defense FPS about alien hordes invading your spaceship

Indie developers Fireblade Software have announced a new game, Sentry, for 2023 release. In Sentry you’re a defender trying to save a human ship as it flees a defeated Earth pursued by alien threats. When the aliens catch up to your ship you’ve got to fight in a dynamic defensive campaign that sees you holding off the enemy from different ship systems. The combination of First-Person Shooter and Tower Defense might remind you of classic-to-some Sanctum.

The dynamic campaigns ounds particularly interesting, seeing as you can do it alone or with a friend. “Will you decide to destroy a smaller force, preventing them from seizing a crucial subsystem? Or risk facing overwhelming odds thwarting a larger enemy thrust, blunting their main advance?,” says the game description. There’s also a stated emphasis on intelligent enemies, which is a change from most of the action tower defense genre.

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