Side-Scrolling Beat ‘Em Up ‘Fight’N Rage’ Version 1.0.6 Hits Switch, Here Are The Full Patch Notes


Fight'N Rage
Image: Seba Games Dev

Seba Games Dev’s love letter toStreets of Rage and Final FightFight’N Rage — is getting a free update today! The game first launched on the Switch in September 2019, and received a glowing 9/10 review from us, where we praised its “surprisingly deep and satisfyingly weighty combat engine”.

Now, the side-scrolling beat ’em up is getting some pretty big changes which’ll make fans of the genre happy. These fun little patch notes — grabbed from Steam (thanks Greatsong1!) — bring in new costumes, the ability to look at stats, some minor fixes, and what looks like a brand new unlockable mode!

Here are the patch notes for your reading pleasure:

Version 1.0.6 (Released 2nd May, 2022)

Statistics: As I always loved transparency, so, now it’s possible to view game statistics (which were already being processed internally from the first version of the game!). So if you are interested in knowing how many times you have been destroyed, or how many times you have destroyed the game (among other things)… you can now access that information! (To do so, you just have to enter to “Extras” section.)
Minimal various performance improvements: That’s something pretty unavoidable when you were continuing working on your own framework. =)
A new secret mo… ahem … what am I saying ?: It would be very absurd that after having achieved an endgame and having bought characters 9, 16 and 17 you can access a new game mode, doing something as silly as stopping in the “Arcade Mode” option and hitting such a weird sequence as “back, back, forward, forward” twice, and then “back, forward” four times. I’m talking nonsense… don’t listen to me. =)
Finally, I added new costumes for enemies: For some reason, it would be sad if having a 3-player mode where you can also select enemies, there are enemies that only have 2 suits… or that the more enjoyable enemies to play as Diane have few suits available. Don’t you think?

Fight’N Rage is currently one of the titles on sale in Europe through the Spring Sale, and it’s currently 55% off until 8th May. That’s the lowest price it’s ever been, so if you’re in Europe, grab it!

Let us know if you’re going to try out the new free update in the comments below!


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