The latest sadistic Sims challenge: survive 24 hours unsupervised in a haunted house

Sims players have come up with all sorts of community challenge runs over the years—raising 100 babies or starting life with no cash in Rags to Riches. The latest one doesn’t have a catchy name yet, at least not that I’ve spotted, nor does it have formalized rules, but it is absolutely a challenge. Not for players though. No, this one is for the Sims themselves. Can they survive 24 real world hours unsupervised? Rarely.

What I’ve been personally referring to as the “unpaused challenge” isn’t entirely new. Livestreamer Lilsimsie left her Sims to their own devices for hours at a time years ago, returning to house fires, deaths, and immense fictional property damage. She and other Simmers are now leaving their Sims all alone on purpose, challenging the little AI humans to make as big a mess as possible in houses fully designed to murder them.

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