The Naga are coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds on May 10

The first-ever Hearthstone Battlegrounds season, Rise of the Naga, will get underway on May 10 with a reset of player ratings, a new hero, and an all-new minion type: The naga, a magic-focused race that will grant spells or become more powerful when spells are played around them (and also, not coincidentally, are the focus of the current Voyage to the Sunken CIty expansion).

First, a note about Hearthstone Battlegrounds seasons, because you might recall that Battlegrounds has in fact had previous seasons, such as the one that wrapped up in January. In April, however, Blizzard announced that Battleground would begin organizing its “major moments” into seasons, which it said “will help give a clearer idea of when big changes—like special events, keywords, or system changes—are coming to the mode, as well as when they will be ending.” In other words, same name, different purpose.

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