This D&D campaign has been running for 40 years


The latest episode of Wired’s Obsessed series profiles Robert Wardhaugh, the Dungeon Master of a D&D campaign that’s been running continuously since 1982. Most campaigns are lucky to last more than a few months, so making it to the 40-year mark is quite an achievement.

The focus of the video is on Wardhaugh’s setup, which takes up the entire basement of a house he bought with this sizeable gaming area in mind. It’s got room for his collection of 30,000 or so miniatures, all of which he laboriously hand-painted (which is why the players aren’t allowed to touch them during play). He’s also got terrain to represent every conceivable part of his homebrew setting based on an alternate fantasy version of historical Earth—Wardhaugh is a history professor at Western University in London, Ontario, by day.


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