What cronies mean?


Definition of crony

: a close friend especially of long standing : pal played golf with his cronies.

for instance, What’s cockney slang for watch?

Kettle and hob = watch This is a confusing phrase as it doesn’t rhyme with its modern day meaning. The term means watch, which has stemmed from a fob watch which was a pocket watch with attached to the body with a small chain. The kettle used to boil on the hob of a stove… hence the rhyme.

significantly, What are old cronies?

crony. a close friend or companion. Not to be confused with: crone – a withered old woman.

also Is cronies a bad word?

While a crony is basically just a good pal or sidekick, the word sometimes has a negative connotation — that you and your crony are up to no good together. It also implies the idea of cronyism, or unfairly giving friends jobs or promotions they’re not qualified for.

What is chronicler mean? a person who writes descriptions of historical events as they happen: He was a photographer and chronicler of life in the poorest neighborhoods at the end of the 19th century. Medieval chroniclers worked from monasteries and royal courts, setting down what seemed to be the most important events of the day. See.

Why is talking called Rabbiting?

Ever wondered where the phrase “rabbiting on” comes from? It’s actually from the Cockney rhyming slang “rabbit & pork “– talk – but your bunny has plenty to say, even if it can’t speak out loud.

Why do Londoners call a house a drum?

Originally Answered: Why is a person’s home a ‘drum’ in cockney rhyming slang? That’s a modern repurposing of the earlier slang that either meant “to burgle” (To get into somewhere that was tight as a drum) or prison cell (Same root). From there it came to mean home and was reattached to Drum and Bass.

Why is a flat called a drum?

The use of the word Drum for a house comes from the Romany word Drom meaning Road. The term Drum n Bass is too modern a term.

What is nepotism and cronyism?

Cronyism is the practice of partiality in awarding jobs and other advantages to friends or trusted colleagues, especially in politics and between politicians and supportive organizations. … Whereas cronyism refers to partiality to a partner or friend, nepotism is the granting of favour to relatives.

Is Crony an English word?

a friend, or a person who works for someone in authority, especially one who is willing to give and receive dishonest help: The general and his cronies are now awaiting trial for drug smuggling.

Who are known as Chronicles?

Chronicles are the predecessors of modern « time lines » rather than analytical histories. They represent accounts, in prose or verse, of local or distant events over a considerable period of time, both the lifetime of the individual chronicler and often those of several subsequent continuators.

What does a raconteur do?

: a person who excels in telling anecdotes.

What is a travelogue in English?

1 : a piece of writing about travel. 2 : a talk or lecture on travel usually accompanied by a film or slides. 3 : a narrated motion picture about travel.

What does Bunny mean in Cockney slang?

Rabbit and Pork is Cockney Rhyming Slang for Talk!

What does Rabbit mean in Cockney slang?

If you don’t already know the relevance of the word « rabbit » in the title, « rabbit and pork » is rhyming slang for « talk » (and is variously used to mean « speech », « conversation », etc.).

What is cockney Bunny?

Bugs Bunny is Cockney slang for Money.

What is Cockney slang for brother?

One and t’Other is Cockney slang for Brother.

Why is a pony 25?

The terms monkey, meaning £500, and pony, meaning £25, are believed by some to have come from old Indian rupee banknotes, which it is asserted used to feature images of those animals, but this is untrue as no Indian banknotes have featured these animals.

What does lemon mean in Cockney slang?

Origin of do-me-a-lemon

« Do me a favour » (rhyming with « lemon flavour ») in Cockney rhyming slang.

What is cockney rhyming slang for home?

Rat and Mouse is Cockney slang for House.

What does Kermit mean in cockney rhyming slang?

Kermit is Cockney Rhyming Slang for Road!

Why is it called a gaff?

This is from the Provençal word gaf for a boat-hook. In French this took on the figurative sense of a blunder, perhaps because the emotional effect is like being gaffed, and it’s the origin of the standard English gaffe for an embarrassing remark or blunder.

Can you go to jail for nepotism?

Violation of the nepotism laws are punishable as misdemeanors, with a fine of between $50 and $1,000, imprisonment for no more than 6 months, or both.

Is nepotism illegal or unethical?

Nepotism is a specific form of favoritism in which a business leader prioritizes hiring a family member over a nonfamily member. While it is certainly a controversial topic in business ethics, it isn’t inherently unethical to employ family members.

Is nepotism legal?

Federal law, at 5 U.S.C. § 3110, generally prohibits a federal official, including a Member of Congress, from appointing, promoting, or recommending for appointment or promotion any “relative” of the official to any agency or department over which the official exercises authority or control.


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