What is the best brain for Rex?

Choosing to implant Violetta’s brain will give Rex the perk Unshakeable Tracker, increasing his speed (+50% movement speed). Choosing to implant Lupa’s brain will give Rex the perk Blood of the Legion, increasing his damage threshold (+10 DT).

then, How do you get into Vault 22?

The keycard to access the cave tunnels on level 4 is located in the common quarters (the floor below). Once inside, an Average locked door must be opened on the lower level in the northwestern corner of the room or progress to the overseer’s office, and use the terminal and disengage the lock.

hence, Where does Rex go when you dismiss him?

the front room at the kings or if you sent him back to the lucky 38* he’s there.

indeed Is Rex Caesar a dog?

Complete Rex’s personal quest, Nothin’ But a Hound Dog, by implanting Violetta’s Brain in Rex. With the transplant of Lupa’s brain, Rex gained all of the donor’s experiences traveling with the Legion.

and Are there any companions in Old World Blues?

Though only a temporary companion due to her location limitation, Roxie is the only companion in Old World Blues add-on. She’s the only companion who doesn’t provide perks to the Courier.

How do you ignite the vents in Vault 22? The vents can be found in an area at the end of the hallway nearest the Data Room and the room nearby room full of mantises.

Survive the Blast

  1. Placing a C-4 plastic explosive near the vents, and then detonating it while standing next to the elevator.
  2. Placing a time bomb by the vents and then running for the elevator.

Where is the HEPA filter in Vault 22?

Location. Specifically to locate the HEPA filters, go to the fifth floor of Vault 22, and take the stairs to the next level. Here a room is found, that leads back up to another section of the third floor. Open the door to the cave, then find a wooden door saying « oxygen recycling ».

How do you dismiss a Rex?

You need to talk to him, and dismiss him, not just make him wait.

Does the lucky 38 ever open?

The Lucky 38 once again became a symbol of Vegas, as the domain of its mysterious leader. As of 2281, the Lucky 38 remains closed to the public.

Who is the best follower in Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout New Vegas: The Best Follower For Each Type Of Build

  • Melee Build – Lily Bowen. Lily Bowen was a sweet old woman that was turned into a super mutant and who eventually found her way to Jacobstown. …
  • Pistol Build – Raul Tejada. …
  • Ballistic Guns Build – Cassidy. …
  • Explosives Build – Arcade Gannon.

How do you get Rex to follow you?

Heres how to get him.

  1. Talk to ‘The King’
  2. Do a few missions for the king.
  3. After a few missions, you’ll have the option to ask about his dog Rex. …
  4. Dr. …
  5. You’ll have 4 options for a brain. …
  6. Take any of these brains to Dr. …
  7. Head back to ‘The King’ and he’ll say that Rex looks better than ever.

Who killed Boone’s wife?

Retribution has been sought and executed. Jeannie May, the unlikely woman responsible for the disappearance of Boone’s wife and unborn child, has been killed.

Who was the most popular president in NCR history?

Who was Fallout New Vegas’ favorite NCR president? Q1 Tandi is the most popular president in NCR history. Q2 Shady Sands was the original name of the Capitol in the NCR.

Can you take companions to honest hearts?

You can bring your companions with you in the DLC.

Should I leave Veronica or stay?

Becoming Vilified with the Brotherhood of Steel causes Veronica to quit as a companion. … It is also possible for her to stay as a companion should the Courier complete all Brotherhood of Steel faction quests in their favor, make her leave the Brotherhood, and destroy them without killing any members.

What floor is Keely on in Vault 22?

Find Keely, a researcher who has gone missing within Vault 22. On Level 5, there is a Hard locked door that leads to the cavern where Keely is stranded.

How do I get to Ranger Station Foxtrot?

The station can be found off of Nevada State Route 157, leading east from Jacobstown by following the dirt path splitting off directly in front of Silver Peak mine.

What is in a HEPA filter?

HEPA filters are high efficiency filters that typically capture over 99.5% of all particulate pollution. They’re made from either plastic (PP+PET) or fiberglass, and can capture things like pollen, viruses, bacteria, mold and PM2. 5. Diffusion also means they are highly effective at capturing nanoparticles too.

How do you get into Vault 3?

You’ll cross over a highway & run into plenty of raiders. Look for the South Vegas Ruins map tic, like another poster said. Enter, and Vault 3 is approximately on the southern side of that area. You have to access the control panel to the left of the entrance to get inside.

Where is the reverse pulse cleaner in Vault 3?

Location. It is found in Vault 3 in Motor-Runner’s throne room, inside a locker.

Where did Rex go after Order 66?

At some point following Order 66, Rex settled down on the remote Outer Rim planet Seelos, living in an AT-TE with Wolffe (who led Jedi General Plo Koon’s clone forces during the War) and Gregor (a clone commando who went missing in action during the War).

Where can I find Rex ror2?

In the Abyssal Depths in Risk of Rain 2

Once you reach the Abyssal Depths with the Fuel Array in tow, you want to head upwards. REX is standing stationary on one of the higher platforms, and all you need to do to complete the challenge is walk up to it and use the Fuel Array. Then the Power Plant challenge is complete.

Can you get the platinum chip back from Mr House?

House the Platinum Chip, you’ve basically sealed his fate. There’s no turning back now. It’s important to note that if you turn hostile with Mr. House, you will not be able to sell any of your Snow Globes to him, though you can still earn the Trophy/Achievement for finding them all.

Why is lucky 38 empty?

It’s basically letting everyone in the wasteland know that he considers them inferior to himself and that no one is worthy enough to enter his palace.

Where is Mr House in the Lucky 38?

After entering the Lucky 38 penthouse, find a terminal on the wall near Mr. House. This terminal will allow one to unlock a hidden door (named the antechamber) leading to Mr. House’s chamber.

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