Where is Mengmeng?


Mengmeng is a NPC in Liyue, near the Statue of The Seven at Dihua Marsh, Bishui Plain. Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives you five Violetgrass.

Then, How do I get xinyan? In order to get a free Xinyan, you need 1,000 Aged Tokens, have collected 4,000 Aged Tokens overall, and complete the quest called Path of the Taishou. Once you have completed these requirements, you can invite Xinyan and get a free copy of the unit.

What does the name Mengmeng mean? mengmeng : drizzle (of rai… : méng méng | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

Similarly, How do you get Violetgrass from Mengmeng?

It can also be purchased from Verr Goldet at the Wangshu Inn and Herbalist Gui at the Bubu Pharmacy. They each have five Violetgrass in stock between server refreshes, and they cost 1000 Mora apiece. When you speak to the NPC Mengmeng for the first time she will give you five Violetgrass.

How do you get Violetgrass?

The other most obvious place to farm Violetgrass is near the Huaguang Stone Forest, though you’ll need to do some island hopping as each is located atop a stone. You can also purchase give Violetgrass from Verr Goldet at Wangshu Inn and Herbalist Gui at Bubu Pharmacy. They both charge 1,000 Mora each.

How old is Zhongli? Genshin Impact: All Character Ages + Height

Yelan ??? ???
Yoimiya June 21 20-23
Yun Jin May 21 18-20
Zhongli December 31 28 / 6,000+

• Jan 14, 2022

Is Yun Jin good? Yun Jin is also a good candidate for a second Geo character with Zhongli, especially on teams that want to run Geo resonance. Unlike Gorou who only really works for pure Geo teams, she can provide a bit of extra damage as well as provide Geo Resonance for non-Geo teams.

How old is Diona from Genshin? In Genshin Impact, Diona isn’t the youngest playable character, but at approximately 12 years old, she’s very close.

What is horsetail used for Genshin?

Unfortunately, this ingredient currently serves no purpose in Genshin Impact, aside from being an aesthetically pleasing marsh thistle. In all likelihood, Horsetail will serve as an Ascension material for some character in the future though; perhaps a snooty or regal character, based on the item’s description.

Who sells Cor Lapis? You can also purchase Cor Lapis from Changshun, the merchant in Liyue Harbor.

Can I buy Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact?

Like many other ascension materials, there is now an option to buy Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact from a shop using Mora. It’s best to use a mixture of buying and finding, as this is the fastest way to get the amount needed for ascension. Below is a guide to help you find Cor Lapis.

Does anyone sell Violetgrass Genshin? Head to the large building in Liyue Harbor where you originally met Qiqi. This is Bubu Pharmacy and the vendor here sells five Violetgrass every 48 hours in Genshin Impact.

Is Paimon edible?

Grilled. If you’re settling down for a bigger meal, and really want to treat yourself, grilling up a juicy Paimon steak is never a bad choice!

How old is Miko?

Based on New Chronicles of the Six Kitsune (V), Miko was a young girl 500 years ago, which is when the cataclysm occurred and the Kitsune Saiguu died.

How old is ganyu physically? Genshin Impact characters’ ages, heights, and birthdays

Characters Ages Heights
Ganyu 3000+ 5’3″ / 160cm
Gorou 16/17
Hu Tao 20 5’1.5″ / 156.2cm
Itto 6’1″ / 185.4 cm

How can I get free Yun Jin? In order to obtain Yun Jin for free, players will have to complete the objectives of the Preposterous Partnerships Event and then choose her from the list of characters available.

Is Barbara good?

Barbara is best played as a healer and a tank, where her burst can be an emergency button for its i-frame and instant healing. Her healing is amazing both in single-player and in co-op, where she can heal characters to full HP with a press of a button.

Is Yun Jin a 5 star? According to some reliable Genshin Impact leakers, it seems that Yunjin will be a 4-star character when she releases. Yunjin has received many changes during the game’s beta, though her design seems to have remained the same.

How old is Diluc?

Genshin Impact characters’ ages, heights, and birthdays

Characters Ages Heights
Diluc 22 6’1″ / 185.4cm
Diona 12 4’5″ / 134.6cm
Eula 19 5’8″ / 172.7cm
Fischl 16 5’0.5″ / 153.6cm

How old is Scaramouche? Scaramouche is a male human whose age is undefined as he is an immortal. His height is 5’4″ ft or 1.63 m. Not intimidating right? He will mess you up though.

How old is ganyu?

Ganyu’s birthday is over 3,000 years old, and she was born on December 2nd, making her a Sagittarius. She has had a long history in Liyue, and all though she now lives peacefully in Liyue Harbor, the road to getting there has been tough.

How do you get Sakura Blooms? Unlike most plant items in Genshin Impact, players can’t simply collect Sakura Blooms with the click of a button. The pink, floating petal clusters must be infused with Electro before they are gathered. Players can use an Electro attack or ability on the cluster, and only then pick it up like any other open-world item.

How do you get Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact?

To get Sakura Bloom, use Electro Attacks on the floating Sakura Petals. They will condense into Sakura Bloom, which you can now collect!

Can you buy Horsetail Genshin? Can Buy At Bubu Pharmacy. You can purchase Horsetail at Bubu Phamacy. Price is 240 Mora and up to 10.

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