Which dragon Priest mask allows you to breathe underwater?

Volsung is a corundum dragon priest mask obtained by killing the eponymous Volsung at the end of the Nordic ruin, Volskygge. The artifact’s enchantment allows you to breathe underwater, carry an additional twenty units of weight, and increases your bartering abilities by twenty points.

thus, What level is vokun?

Skyrim:Vokun (creature)

Vokun (RefID: 000327C1)
Location High Gate Ruins
Species Dragon Priest


RefID 000327C1 000327C2

Aug 2, 2015

notably, How do you get the Nahkriin mask?

The mask of Nahkriin may be obtained during the main quest The World-Eater’s Eyrie (before the player enters Sovngarde portal). The mask is held by the Dragon Priest, Nahkriin, on top of Skulfdahn Temple.

indeed Where do you get Krosis? Krosis is typically encountered at Shearpoint in the company of a leveled dragon. He emerges from his sarcophagus, which is located directly in front of the word wall, once approached.

also How do you breathe underwater in Skyrim?

Waterbreathing is an Adept-level Alteration spell. Casting it allows the user to breathe underwater for 60 seconds. It cannot be cast while underwater or swimming. Casting it repeatedly while standing in water is an effective way to level the Alteration skill.

Does Anska decipher the scroll? After the completion of the related quest, she will remain in the ruins indefinitely attempting to decipher the scroll. She wears fur armor and a leveled pair of light boots, which may be up to scaled in quality.

Is vokun a dragon priest?

Vokun, « shadow; darkness ») is one of the named dragon priests of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. His full name translates to « Shadow » in the dragon tongue.

What does Miraak’s mask do?

Increases your Magicka by 40–70 points.

What drops Miraak?

The battle with Miraak is scripted. When Miraak drops below 20% health, he will become ethereal and head to the pool in the center of the platform. After killing a dragon and absorbing its soul, he will regain full health and continue the fight.

Can I go back to Skuldafn?

You cannot get back there without console commands. The console command you are looking for is « coc  » and you’ll probably need to do it again to get out. Use coc skuldafn02 to get there. The codes for Skuldafn are skuldafn01 trough skuldafn04 .

Can you upgrade Krosis?

It can be upgraded with an iron ingot at a workbench, and also benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk, which doubles the improvement.

How do you fight Krosis?

Krosis is one of the few masked dragon priests you’ll meet outdoors. In fact, its not just outdoors but conveniently located on top of a mountain. Thus, the easiest method of beating him would be to simply Fus Ro Dah him off the top of said mountain.

What are Draugr saying?

Unslaad Krosis, literally means, « Eternal sorrow », according to UESP, and the lore page on draugr confirms that they do indeed say it.

What is the most valuable potion in Skyrim?

The highest value potion in vanilla Skyrim is a Fortify Health potion – Recipes include: Giant’s Toe, Bear Claws, and Hanging Moss; Giant’s Toe, Creep Cluster and Wheat; or Giant’s Toe, Blue Butterfly Wing and Mountain Flower.

What enchantment helps you breathe underwater?


is a helmet enchantment for extending breathing time underwater.

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What happens if you don’t give Anska the scroll?

If you withhold the scroll from her and head outside, then later give her the scroll, she will return to the ruins and remain in Vokun’s throne room indefinitely. It is possible to clear the dungeon without Anska’s help. To do this, avoid talking to her when you enter the dungeon.

Why is Anska following me Skyrim?

Anska may continue to follow the Dragonborn after the quest’s completion, appearing after fast travel and walking back to High Gate Ruins.

What is a hulking Draugr?

A Hulking Draugr is a creature in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. … The armor of the Hulking Draugr appears to be fashioned out of leather and furs stitched together, with a metal waist piece and shoulder pauldron. They also appear to be wearing a necklace made of human hands.

What is the best dragon Priest mask?

Skyrim: Every Dragon Priest Mask, Ranked

  1. 1 Konahrik. The greatest Dragon Priest mask of all, Konahrik, an expression that refers to « Warlord », is also rather unique in aesthetic when related with others of its kind.
  2. 2 Volsung. …
  3. 3 Morokei. …
  4. 4 Otar. …
  5. 5 Nahkriin. …
  6. 6 Krosis. …
  7. 7 Miraak. …
  8. 8 Rahgot. …

Where is Otar the Mad?

Otar the Mad is one of the eight high-ranked dragon priests in Skyrim. He is found in Ragnvald, in a locked coffin before the barrow’s word wall. To get to him, you have to defeat his two keepers—Torsten and Saerek—and take their skull keys.

Who is Krosis Skyrim?

The enemy Krosis is a Dragon Priest and mask that can be found at Shearpoint which is between Saarthal and Fellglow Keep (closer to Fellglow Keep on top of the nearby mountain).

Can you wear a circlet with a dragon Priest Mask?

If you all didn’t know, you can wear a Falmer Helmet alongside a Dragon Priest Mask, giving you more of a advantage for what ever playstyle you have.

Why does Miraak keep stealing dragon souls?

The stealing really is supposed to happen because the devs assume you have completed the main plot at this point, and have stockpiled Dragon Souls, but I you can use these tips to avoid it: Using Ahzidal’s boots of Waterwalking, kill a dragon on the water and SUCC the soul. Miraak cannot appear on water.

What does Durnehviir call the Dragonborn?

Beyond Death

After exiting the Boneyard, Durnehviir is found waiting outside. He tells the Dragonborn that they were a worthy adversary and calls them « Qahnaarin, » or « Vanquisher » in Dragon Language.

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