Wordle May 12 (327) answer guide

Have you been searching for the Wordle May 12 (327) answer? Even when you’re having trouble I find Wordle never feels too tough because it’s always so positive. It keeps throwing out words like “splendid” and “genius” when you win, and if you run out of guesses all that happens is you’re shown the answer as well as how long you have to wait before you can play again. No pressure, no fuss.

Maybe you’ve already solved today’s puzzle and came here to look through our Wordle archive instead? However the game decides to treat you today, I know I can help you out. I’ve got a handy clue, the answer waiting a little further down the page, and if you’ve never played Wordle before but would like to learn I’d be happy to explain how it all works.

Wordle May 12: A helpful hint

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